Overarching Statement 

I have a lot of projects I come up with but don’t do.

Fiction primarily, but also non-fiction, music, art…all that kind of stuff. Having a blog seemed like a good way to keep myself on track since, even if nobody reads it, posting on a blog is a form of publishing and putting something out there.

Current Projects 

Click here for a short statement about each of the projects



Note About the DMCA 

I have a lot to say about the DMCA and how dumb I think a lot of it is. But, for now, I’ll spare you the rant and give you the version relevant for most of the images/gifs/videos I post here.

Even though I dislike the DMCA, I recognize and respect the basic value behind intellectual property law. Almost all the images I use are pulled out of the public domain, from sources I believe to be public domain, or part of what I consider to be fair use.

All that said, if you are a copyright holder and I infringed on your copyright accidentally, please, please, please write to me. I’m happy to take down and replace it with something else if you have a legitimate claim to work in question.

However, even when there isn’t an attribution license attached to a work (although 99.9 times out of 100 there is) I try to link back to the source that I pulled from. This is less due to the legality of it and more because I think the files I use on this site are kick ass and the people who either made/curated them should get credit.

One source in particular that I use all the time is the Public Domain Review, which, for anyone interested in the public domain, is this amazing blog whose whole purpose it is curating some of the best stuff that lives in the vast archives of public domain material.

Beyond how awesome they are as a blog, I wanted to call them out because both the picture I use as the main image for the site (see the above featured image) as well as the image I use as the icon (Icon) /avatar are pulled from this site.

Main Image Source: Internet Archive via Public Domain Review
Icon/Avatar Image Source: Internet Archive via Public Domain Review

That ‘Gratitude to Readers’ Paragraph

Thank you guys so much for coming to my blog and viewing it. As I said above, the projects I post here are just ideas that I’ve had for a while, which I wanted to get out on ‘paper’ somewhere. I’m really surprised, and super grateful, for the handful people I’ve noticed coming by and reading/looking at these pieces.

It’s great to feel like what your making is actually being seen and doesn’t just exist as some strange concept in your head (a feeling I’m sure all people with blogs know quite well).

Thanks again!



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